God Is Our Refuge

God Is Our Refuge


My salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my Saviour… – 2 Samuel 22:3

David had sought refuge in the mountains countless times while being hunted by King Saul. He knew both the discomfort of being exposed and vulnerable, and the peace of being safely tucked away in a strong fortress. Now David, as an old man, writes a hymn of praise to God, after being delivered once again, and calls God his salvation, his tower, his refuge.

Do you have a refuge? Perhaps not from a ravaging army, but from a nagging conscience? Do you have a safe place to run when you realize that there are sins in your past that cannot be undone, mistakes that cannot be corrected, wrongs that cannot be righted?

When your sins come rushing in on you, when you come to realize how far short you have fallen of the perfect and good standard of God, then your first tendency may be to save yourself — but you cannot be a refuge for yourself. You need Someone else to shelter you from the just wrath of God. You need the perfect goodness and atoning sacrifice of Jesus to be your refuge, your high tower of defence.

When you feel exposed and helpless before the storms of life, when the powers of darkness seems to have laid a siege around you and help seems to come from nowhere, know that Jesus Christ is a strong tower, a refuge into which you can run and find safety. This refuge will last, the tower will hold, this saviour will save. The name of the Lord is a strong tower. Run to Him and He will save you from all your troubles.

Prayer: Lord, you are my strong tower and refuge. In you I am completely covered.

Scriptural Reading: 2 Samuel 22:1-18