God’s Plan

God’s Plan


The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations. Psalm 33:11

God has plans for you. But I am sure you also have plans for yourself. The reality of life is that sometimes God’s plans for us and the plans we have for ourselves may not be in agreement. From our youth, all of us develop plans in our minds for experiencing the best of life and reaching significant goals. Consciously or subconsciously, each one of us continues to formulate and adjust his or her plans for achieving these goals.
But sometimes our well-intended plans and noble-sounding goals are not completely in harmony with God’s plans and goals for us.
“How can I know if what I am doing is right?” You may be wondering. “Must I wait until I have failed in what I am doing to discover that what I believed was wrong?” Not really.
God has designed us in such a way that we can know, on a regular basis, if our choices are properly aligned with God’s truth. God has established a feedback system which is designed to grab our attention so that we can re-examine what we are doing.
That system is our spirit. When an experience or relationship leaves you feeling angry, anxious or depressed, those emotional signposts may be pointing to the responses of your spirit. Many a time the Holy Spirit speaks to our spirits in the language of our emotions.
Don’t make any assumptions about how you feel about a particular situation. Take time and pray about that negative feeling you have about what you are doing and allow the Holy Spirit to make the will of God clear to you.

Prayer: Lord, help me to align my desires and goals to Your will.

Scriptural Reading: Psalm 33:10-22