The Holy Spirit Leading

The Holy Spirit Leading


Romans 8:14
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.

The primary way that God leads His children is through His revealed Word, the Bible, and the inward witness of the Holy Spirit. Through the Bible, we get general guidance; through the Holy Spirit, we receive specific guidance.

For example, the Bible tells us generally that God has good plans for us, but it does not tell each one of us what that plan is. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. Because He lives in each believer personally, the Holy Spirit is able to give us personal guidance on a yearly, monthly, daily or moment-by-moment basis.

One of the ways in which the Holy Spirit leads us is through the ‘Inward Witness’. This is not a voice but an impression. It is a deep ‘knowing’ that you have within your heart. Some people call it intuition. The inward witness is not a message or a voice that you can hear or explain clearly. Sometimes it is like a deep discomfort that you feel within you that something is not right, even though it appears right and everybody says it is right.

At other times it could be a deep peace you feel about something. As you pray about some specific area of your life, you may have an inner sense that everything will be alright. This kind of inner witness is like an ‘all-correct’ signal. You may feel it deeply even if your current circumstances appear very fearful and risky.

As you pray and seek God’s leading, take note of these inner signals you feel because they could be the Holy Spirit’s way of speaking to you.

🙏🏿 Prayer:
Holy Spirit, I open my spirit to You; show me the will of the Father.

📖 Scriptural Reading: Romans 8:12-17