Waiting For God’s Best

Waiting For God’s Best


My times are in Your hands. Psalm 31:15

If we could understand God’s timing, we could better cooperate with His plan for our lives. However, we may never completely understand. When we don’t know, we must be satisfied to know the One who knows. If we are going to walk with Him and enjoy His blessings, we must learn to let God be God.
Most of us attempt to take the lead role in our relationship with the Lord. He has a position, and He will not change it. We must change. He has the lead role. He gives the instructions, and we follow – even though we don’t always like the way He chooses to take us.
Timing is an important issue in our walk with God. Why does it take God so long to do what we ask Him to do? Trust always requires unanswered questions which keep us growing in faith.
God has a plan and timing. While we are in God’s waiting room, He is getting us ready for what He already has prepared for us. We must grow up and mature. It takes time. As we reach new levels of maturity, God releases new levels of blessings. Yes, these times of waiting are uncomfortable for us. Sometimes they seem too painful. But if we try to make our own way instead of waiting on God, we will miss out on God’s best for us. Be encouraged today with some words from a man who had to do a lot of waiting in his life, but who was blessed beyond belief: In Psalm 27:14, David says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord!”

Prayer: Pray for the wisdom to trust the Lord and always wait on Him; by faith declare that every blessing God has prepared for you will come to you.

Scriptural Reading: Psalm 31:1-24